Pro-Trump lawyer seethes over possibility 'Tiger King' Joe Exotic edging out his client for a pardon: report
"Joe Exotic" has captured the imagination of Netflix watchers as the star of the true-crime documentary "Tiger King" - Netflix US/AFP

On CNN Tuesday, domestic policy correspondent Jim Acosta reported that some pro-Trump lawyers representing clients who want a presidential pardon are enraged that the president is giving first priority to celebrities — and that he possibly could put "Tiger King" Joe Exotic before them.

"I talked to one of those Trump loyalists who was representing a client seeking a pardon," said Acosta. "This particular ally of the president got bad news that his client was not going to make the cut. These notifications are going out to a variety of Trump associates, Trump loyalists around DC."

"It is worth noting that word of potential celebrity pardons coming out in this list, word of that is starting to perturb and annoy some of these Trump loyalists who are speaking on behalf of their clients and trying to obtain pardons on behalf of their clients," continued Acosta. "And word that potentially, Joe Exotic, aka 'Tiger King,' could get a presidential pardon, in the words of this Trump loyalist — I'll put this in a quote, these aren't my words... 'I'll be pissed if this dipsh*t does make the president's list of pardons and my client doesn't.'"

"There are some hard feelings building up as we speak among some of these Trump allies and loyalists who have been cashing in, no question about that, they have been cashing in on their access the last several weeks trying to obtain pardons on behalf of their clients, but not all of them will make the cut," added Acosta.

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