Trump lawyer could be sidelined over communications with Stormy Daniels just handed to DA: CNN
Donald Trump (Photo via AFP)

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has received communications between Stormy Daniels and an attorney representing Donald Trump, CNN reports.

The communiques between the adult-film star and Joe Tacopina date back to 2018, when Daniels was seeking legal counsel, according to her current attorney, Clark Brewster, who indicated the exchanges show that his client disclosed confidential information.

The latest revelation comes as all indications are that Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is nearing a decision on whether to indict Trump over alleged hush money payments to Daniels, and threatens to sideline the celebrity attorney from defending the former president, according to CNN.

Tacopina dismissed the notion that a conflict of interest exists or that Daniels shared confidential information with his office, said he did not meet or speak with Daniels.

But Tacopina during a 2018 appearance with CNN’s Don Lemon said he may have been in contact with Daniels before she found a new lawyer.

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"I can't really talk about my impressions or any conversations we'd had because there is an attorney-client privilege that attaches even to a consultation," Tacopina said in the 2018 interview.

But Tacopina's firm after the video surfaced issued a statement denying that "there was no attorney-client relationship" between him and Daniels.

According to CNN’s Kristen Holmes and Tierney Sneed: “It would ultimately be up to a judge to decide whether the communications amount to a conflict of interest that requires disqualification or some other limitation on the advocacy Tacopina can do on behalf of the former president, if a case is brought against Trump.”