Here's why top lawyers are turning down the 'opportunity of a lifetime' to represent a former president: reporter
President of the United States Donald Trump speaking with supporters at an "An Address to Young Americans" event hosted by Students for Trump and Turning Point Action at Dream City Church in Phoenix, Arizona. Photo by Gage Skidmore.

Former President Donald Trump is facing serious legal jeopardy for retaining top secret national security documents at his Mar-a-Lago resort -- but he's having a very hard time finding top-notch legal minds to defend him.

During a CNN interview on Wednesday, Washington Post reporter Isaac Arnsdorf laid out the woefully inadequate experience that Trump's current legal team has in litigating complex national security cases.

"You've got a former OAN host, you've got a property insurance lawyer who joined the bar in 2014, and you've got someone who leads a three-person firm and used to be the general counsel for a parking garage company," he explained.

Arnsdorf then laid out the reasons why a former president was having so much trouble getting experienced lawyers.

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"Ordinarily, representing the former president in a high-profile case like this would be the opportunity of a lifetime, that all sorts of famous lawyers would be clamoring for," he said. "But, you know, the issue here, and we have seen this before, like if you think back to the Mueller investigation, when Trump had a similar struggle to get really serious, seasoned, well respected lawyers on his team... he doesn't always take advice, he doesn't always pay the bills, and he's very controversial. A lot of firms and a lot of lawyers don't want the headaches that would go along with representing him."

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Top lawyers are turning down the 'opportunity of a lifetime' to represent a former president