'Trump is running out of lawyers' to defend him: legal expert
Donald Trump delivering a speech at a campaign rally held at the Mohegan Sun Arena. (Evan El-Amin / Shutterstock.com)

On CNN Friday, former federal prosecutor and law professor Kim Wehle said that former President Donald Trump is "running out of lawyers" to represent him in the classified documents investigation — and this could be bad news not just for him, but for the entire legal process.

This comes as Justice Department officials are asking a judge to hold Trump's office in contempt of court, after the former president's legal counsel told the government that all classified material had already been returned — only for an outside group to discover two more classified documents in a Florida storage unit owned by Trump.

"The Justice Department must be very frustrated with the former president," said anchor Kasie Hunt. "Are you surprised they took this step?"

"I'm not," said Wehle. "We've seen now over — almost two years the Trump team saying they will return the documents, we have no more documents, as of June there was an attestation that everything had been turned over, and then there was the execution of the warrant in August when thousands of documents were found. And then, as was indicated just recently in the last week or so, additional documents. So, you know, this is — the reason this proceeding is sealed is because we're talking about classified information. We're talking about national security. This is really important to broader interests beyond Donald Trump, and I think the Justice Department is tired of the gamesmanship."

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Trump's own attorneys are now in trouble as well, noted Wehle, as the lawyer who signed the June attestation "reportedly has her own criminal defense counsel in this moment."

"Donald Trump is running out of options to delay the proceeding, to delay the investigation, but he's also running out of lawyers and good lawyers and that's not a good thing for the justice system overall," said Wehle. "Good lawyers produce better outcomes."

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