Trump is a 'wounded animal' who 'has never been in more legal jeopardy': CNN White House correspondent

CNN White House correspondent John Harwood on Wednesday said President Donald Trump was very likely to try to pardon himself in a desperate attempt to avoid legal consequences for his actions.

Harwood started by explaining that Trump's powers have been greatly diminished in recent days, and that he no longer even has the power to cyberbully Republicans into doing his bidding.

"President Trump is like a wounded animal at this point," he said. "He doesn't have a lot of room to run. His ability to lash out directly at others or inspire others to commit violence, as he did last week, has been curtailed by the fact that social media companies have shut down his direct access."

Harwood then noted that issuing pardons is one of the few unchecked powers that the president has left at his disposal.

"One thing the president can do... assuming that he gets cooperation from his White House legal team to draw up the right paperwork, is take steps to protect himself," he said. "And the reality is that he has never in his life been in more legal jeopardy than he is right now."

Watch the video below.