Trump is 'reaching the end of his rope': legal experts
Donald Trump / AFP PHOTO / Paul J. Richards

Appearing on MSNBC's "Last Word" on Friday night, former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner said a week's worth of legal setbacks for Donald Trump has all the appearances of the former president reaching the end of his rope as investigators close in.

Speaking with host Jonathan Capehart, the prosecutor was asked whether "Trump will face any consequences?"

"How could he not, Jonathan?" Kirschner replied. "You just went through the trifecta of really crushing legal stories for Donald Trump. And it's not that he's just losing these cases, but what some of the judges are saying."

Quoting from a judge's ruling that the former president appears to be complicit in the Jan 6th insurrection, the attorney bluntly stated, "Those are the words of federal crimes. Things are getting really bad as the investigative circle is tightening around Donald Trump."

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"Donald Trump may be reaching the end of his rope," he later added. "I predict, once the first brave prosecutor who has the evidence to indict Donald Trump brings that indictment, everybody is going to want to be the second prosecutor to indict Donald Trump."

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