'Another self-created problem': CNN reporter explains how Trump is bungling his legal challenges
Donald Trump speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

Former President Donald Trump was dealt yet another major legal defeat on Thursday after the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously slapped down his efforts to withhold documents from the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th Capitol riots.

CNN senior justice correspondent Evan Perez reacted to the ruling by explaining how Trump had really hurt himself with arguments that he made before the court.

"This is another self-created problem for the former president," Perez told host Erin Burnett. "Part of his legal argument here was that... this committee is out to get me, they're trying to put me on trial. These judges are saying, well, I mean, you're just saying that without really providing any example."

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CNN legal analyst Shan Wu explained to Burnett why even the conservative Supreme Court is unlikely to side with Trump's unpersuasive arguments.

"They are setting out... a road map for other courts to look at, including the Supreme Court," Wu said of the Appeals Court's ruling. "They are saying to Donald Trump, it's not that you didn't get a chance to be heard on executive privilege, you just had nothing of value to say to us. It's ironic because Trump likes to fashion himself as almost a fourth branch of government and the court quite clearly points out here that, the executive branch and the legislative branch are against his position and the third branch, judiciary, has weighed in against him too."

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