Capitol Hill reporter calls Trump the 'bad break up' -- and the GOP can't shake their 'toxic ex'

Senators were sworn in for the impeachment trial on Tuesday, but MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace said that it has become clear the Republican Party has already been "kidnapped or hijacked by Donald Trump and his kids because Donald Trump can't speak anymore."

Capitol Hill reporter Garrett Haake explained that former President Donald Trump is the ex-boyfriend that the GOP can't shake.

"Well look, I've described it as a bad breakup with someone that can't get over their toxic ex," he said. "You know, they keep checking the former president's social media, they're looking over their shoulders, they're wondering if it's really over this time. And I think that is part of the process here. Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH), interestingly enough, was not one of the five senators who affirmatively said we know this is constitutional, ready to move forward today. If I'm Donald Trump's defense attorney, today's vote in the Senate was about as good as you could hope for."

He explained that the impeachment managers who come into the Senate would do so with the goal of convincing a large slate of Republicans that he's guilty.

"I talked to a couple of Republican senators after this vote," Haake said. "So, did other members of our team up here today and even those who voted with Sen. Rand Paul (R-NY) on this point of order, on the idea they shouldn't be doing this, said we know this will be relitigated. We're not sold yet. So, this doesn't slam the door on the impeachment manager's case, but boy, it makes it a lot harder."

While the impeachment trial is for Trump, Democrats could shift their efforts to trying the impeachment in the court of public opinion and increase pressure on members in their home states, particularly if they are up for reelection in 2022.

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Trump is like the toxic ex-boyfriend the GOP can't shake