Lincoln Project exec mocks Trump's Truth Social post: Living rent free in his tiny little brain
U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Bloomington, Illinois, March 13, 2016. REUTERS/Jim Young

Former President Donald Trump recently went on a rant against the Republican group Club for Growth and what he believes are RINOs (Republicans in Name Only).

“If you want to see our country go to Hell even faster than its current pace, support CLUB FOR NO GROWTH,” Trump wrote on his Truth Social platform over the weekend. “These are RINOs and others who don’t have a clue! Similarly, the PERVERTS at the Lincoln Project are having a VERY hard time raising money to fight MAGA and America First. Don’t forget, you come after us, and we come after you!”

Groups like the Lincoln Project were founded by so-called "Never Trumpers," Republicans who believe that the GOP is headed in the wrong direction and away from key pieces of long-held Republican policies. Their lack of fidelity to Trump consistently draws his fury and they return the favor by running ads on only channels he watches in Palm Beach, Florida simply to troll him.

Trump has spent most of Monday reposting and ranting on his personal social media site. Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson used the opportunity to ask the rhetorical question of why Trump is still obsessed with them.

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"Why? He knows we'll lead the fight for 2024 against him...and no one hits and hurts him like us. No. One. He blames us for his 2020 loss. Ready to beat him again?" Wilson asked.

"Yes, Republican elites do want to be rid of Donald Trump, but as McKay Coppins reports they don’t have a plan. The elites' glaring blindspot: the base and the MAGA media-industrial complex most certainly does not want to be rid of Trump or Trumpism," he said earlier Monday.

Tara Setmayer similarly filmed her own video saying that it's clear Trump is "so obsessed with the Lincoln Project...because he fears us. Trumpworld fears us. And they should. Our efforts helped defeat him in 2020 and many MAGAs in 2022 and we're coming for them in 2024."

The Lincoln Project account then noted that they're "camped out 24/7" in Trump's brain.

Creative director Michelle Kinney made the same observation, "Just a casual sashay into year 4 of living rent free in his tiny little pee-pee brain."

Trump spent the following hours reposting memes and videos from other followers on his account.