Trump biographer ridicules Donald for being branded a 'loser' after 2020 loss and being bumped from Forbes
Trump biographer Michael D'Antonio (Photo: screen capture)

One of the biographers for President Donald Trump, Michael D'Antonio, mocked the ex-leader for his circular reasoning around making America "great." He also explained that Trump must be having a really difficult time because he's been branded a "loser."

At a rally in Iowa on Saturday, Trump proclaimed that he was trying to "keep America great," but that America isn't great right now.

"Well, he really is kind of babbling and incoherent, but that's what people show up for," he explained. "So, when he says make America great again, again, you have to ask, well, if he did it the first time, it really wasn't a very good job. Eight months later, it needs to be redone. It didn't quite stick, this greatness that he gave us."

"It was over nine months. The shelf life on the greatness wasn't very long, I guess," said Acosta.

D'Antonio joked perhaps there were "poor building materials" involved. "He might've skimped on the construction costs, which he's been known to do."

"He didn't pay the contractors again, I guess," cracked Acosta.

Acosta also noted that Trump was remarkably honest when he explained the truth behind his election issues. Trump told supporters that talking about the election is the single biggest issue because it gets the biggest cheers.

"I mean, that begs the question, does he think his supporters are so gullible that he can openly admit that he's manipulating them to get the applause?" asked Acosta.

"Yes, he does think that they're that gullible," said D'Antonio. "There is a game that he always plays of sort of inviting people into his method and saying, come on, you're in on the joke, you're in on my act. But at the same time, their responsibility is to give him the feedback that says, yeah, we're in on it and we still agree with you and we're going to applaud this. It is unbelievable that the guy who actually did concede after the January 6th insurrection in order to indicate that he was a serious man is now going around lying and saying he didn't concede, and he is saying the election was rigged when there's absolutely no proof of it. He's tried every which way he could to get someone in an official capacity to agree with him that the election was rigged, and no one will agree because no court and no audit has found any problem. So, the idea of saying, well, I'm manipulating you, well, of course, he is, and they love to be manipulated. This is a kind of mutual illusion that they all enjoy."

He went on to note that Trump must be really struggling because he has effectively been branded a loser.

"First of all, he lies to himself, and then he lies to everybody else," explained D'Antonio. "You have to remember the foundational lie of Donald Trump's life is that he's a good businessman. But he is the fellow who went bankrupt multiple times running casinos. And, casinos, you really have to try hard — you have to be terrible going bankrupt running a casino because they are in your favor every day."

He then explained that Trump is desperately trying to sell one of his properties in Washington, D.C. and that it's like he's begging someone to buy it.

"So, this former president, the former guy is going around saying that he made $150 million when in fact he lost 70 million. He is now trying to sell the hotel or at least the rights to operate in that building," D'Antonio continued. "He's knocked $100 million off the price in the last year. So, there's no evidence that he's making a profit anywhere. And as the Forbes list concluded, he is no longer rich enough to be on the list. And I think that's got to be killing him. So, between losing the election and losing his status as a billionaire, I think he's got a loser brand on him now that has got to be terrible for his ego."

See the video below:

Trump the loser