Trump is a 'a crybaby loser' — and any Republican with presidential ambitions must say so: former GOP lawmaker
Donald Trump. (Screenshot)

On Wednesday, writing for The Atlantic, Mark Leibovich reported that former Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-VA) is urging her fellow Republicans to call out former President Donald Trump as a "loser" — which she sees as a necessary step for the party to move beyond him.

“Why on earth would we hitch our wagons again to a crybaby sore loser who lost the popular vote twice, lost the House, lost the Senate, and lost the White House, and so on?” Comstock told Leibovich. “For Republicans, whether they embrace the Big Lie or not, Trump is vulnerable to having the stench of disaster on him.”

As Leibovich noted, this attack is essential to defang the former President's false narrative that continues to drive his sway over the GOP.

"This is a devastating point of attack against Trump. He knows it, too, which is why he has taken such pains to loser-proof himself and scrub his MAGA universe of any doubt that he was in fact reelected 'in a landslide,'" he wrote. "Don’t let him get away with that, the cabinet of critics urged. Abandon all deference, and don’t forget to troll the troller."

MSNBC's Donny Deutsch has previously noted that GOP power brokers already understand this — and it comes down to putting that message in the base of the party.

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