'Trump Lost' billboards start popping up in Texas -- and are being funded by Republicans fed up with audits

Former President Donald Trump has been pushing for "audits" in even in states where he won, but some anti-Trump Republicans are putting their foot down in the Lone Star State.

My San Antonio reports that three billboards have sprung up in San Antonio that bluntly declare that "Trump lost," while at the same time demanding "no more 'audits'" of the 2020 election in their state.

According to My San Antonio, the billboards are being sponsored by an organization called Republicans for Voting Rights that is spending $250,000 to pay for billboards in Texas, Georgia, Florida Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Arizona.

A Trump-backed audit in Arizona conducted over the summer failed to prove that the former president actually won the state, and in fact gave President Joe Biden more votes in its tally of the results than the state's official count.

Despite this, Trump has continued to push for more "audits" of the election in several states, including states where he won such as Texas and Florida.