Trump-loving MyPillow CEO says China 'turned the wheel' to give Biden votes in deranged interview
Donald Trump and Mike Lindell. (Facebook)

Mike Lindell, the Trump-loving CEO of MyPillow, made several bizarre claims this week in an interview with conservative talk show host Eric Metaxas in which he detailed how China supposedly stole the 2020 election from President Donald Trump.

While appearing on Metaxas's show, Lindell said that his own "research" has shown him that China turned a mysterious "wheel" that gave Biden additional votes.

"I have spent seven days with this other group, looking at the mathematics of what they did," Lindell said. "And they turned this wheel, it turns the wheel, so it ups the ante, so to speak. So you get counties like Fulton County, Georgia, they had to really go in there and grab votes! Does that make sense?"

"Mm-hm," replied Metaxas.

"Eric: China and other countries chose our president, and many of the down-ticket people too, including the two runoff Senate races in Georgia!" Lindell continued. "A foreign country -- and foreign countries -- stole our election!"

Lindell last week went to the White House to visit Trump, and he was spotted carrying notes that included sentences about declaring "martial law if necessary" to stay in the White House.

Watch the video below.