'Full scrub' of Trump loyalists in government needed to protect Joe Biden: security expert
Travis Gettys

On MSNBC Saturday, counterintelligence expert Malcolm Nance argued that Trump loyalists embedded in the civil service and law enforcement are an enormous danger to the safety of President-elect Joe Biden, and indeed of every public official.

"How concerned should we be that these violent insurrectionists have infiltrated certain parts of our law enforcement, particularly Secret Service, and across the country?" asked anchor Tiffany Cross.

"Until recently I believed that these organizations like the Secret Service, U.S. Marshals, other federal law enforcement agencies, were what I call a jealous organization. They are jealous of their role and their loyalty to that job," said Nance. "But let me point out one of the top, you know, insurrectionist people, who stokes radio every day, is Dan Bongino, the owner of Parler. He was an ex-Secret Service officer under Barack Obama. They had taken one of the senior Secret Service officers out of the Secret Service and made him a political appointee for Donald Trump, and now they've put him back into the Secret Service."

"What I'm afraid of, as a counterterrorismt specialist, is that we're going to get an Indira Gandhi situation, where one of her bodyguards killed her," said Nance. "Rajiv Gandhi, one of the guests, allowed a woman with a suicide bomb next to him and blew him up. All bets are off now, right? A full scrub of the United States government has to be done to ensure that all members of government, no matter their party, are kept safe."

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