'Continuing tensions and schisms roiling the GOP' as Trump's grip on the party continues: NYT

The Republican Party is facing complications as the GOP attempts to chart a course following Joe Biden's victory in November and Democrats capturing control of the U.S. Senate in January.

"The first spring donor retreat after a defeat for a political party is typically a moment of reflection and renewal as officials chart a new direction forward," The New York Times reported Saturday. "But with former President Donald J. Trump determined to keep his grip on the Republican Party and the party's base as adhered to him as ever, the coming together of the Republican National Committee's top donors in South Florida this weekend is less a moment of reset and more a reminder of the continuing tensions and schisms roiling the G.O.P."

"The delicate dance between Mr. Trump and the party — after losing the House, the Senate and the White House on his watch — was evident in some actual shuttle bus diplomacy on Saturday, as the party's top donors attended a series of receptions and panels at the Four Seasons Resort before traveling to Mar-a-Lago, the former president's private club, to hear Mr. Trump speak," the newspaper explained.

Veteran Republican fundraiser Fred Zeidman says Trump's ongoing presence is "a tremendous complication."

"He's already proven that he wants to have a major say or keep control of the party, and he's already shown every sign that he's going to primary everybody that has not been supportive of him," Zeidman said. "He complicates everything so much."

A Trump advisor told the newspaper the former president currently has a war chest of $85 million, while the RNC only has $84 million cash on hand.

Trump could make $250,000 after the RNC moved Saturday night's events to Mar-a-Lago.