Trump investigation 'intensifies' as House committee demands more info on theft of top-secret documents

According to a report from both Politico and the Washington Post, the House Oversight Committee has asked the National Archives for more information about the top-secret documents Donald Trump illegally took with him to Mar-a-Lago.

Although the documents were handed back to the National Archives after one year -- in accordance with the Presidential Records Act -- members of the committee are now focusing on the highly confidential records that were left in an unsecured room at the Florida resort.

"House Oversight Committee Chair Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) is asking the National Archives to provide information about top Trump advisers’ discussions about preserving and storing White House records — amid growing evidence that they repeatedly ran afoul of record-keeping requirements for documents and social media accounts," Politico's Nicholas Wu and Kyle Cheney reported.

According to Maloney, "The American people deserve to know the extent of what former President Trump did to hide and destroy federal records and make sure these abuses do not happen again."

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The report adds, "In a five-page letter Maloney also asked for White House records on record-keeping and White House records on the destruction of documents by March 17. She specifically asked Ferriero to focus on Trump aides Pat Cipollone, John Kelly, Nicholas Luna, Derek Lyons, Don McGahn, Mark Meadows, Stefan Passantino, Robert Porter, Reince Priebus and Madeleine Westerhout."

The Washington Post adds, "The letter suggests that the House committee headed by Maloney was broadening its efforts to probe the breadth of potential records act violations under Trump, who frequently flouted the legal requirements to safeguard documents produced during his presidency and, at times, seemed intent on destroying records instead."