GOP lawmaker cornered over taking secret documents home by CNN's Keilar as he defends Trump
Brianna Keilar, Mike Turner (CNN screenshots)

During a very contentious interview on CNN's "State of the Union," host Brianna Keilar was finally able to get a word in and put a Republican lawmaker who serves on the House Intelligence Committee on the spot as he defended Donald Trump's hoarding of stolen government documents at Mar-a-Lago while also trying to smear Attorney General Merrick Garland.

During his appearance on the CNN Sunday show, Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH) repeatedly claimed Garland has to be forced to answer questions about the Mar-a-Lago search while dismissing concerns about the sensitive documents that were kept stored in an unsecured room at the Florida resort.

With Turner constantly speaking over the CNN host as she tried to pin him down, she finally broke through when asking him about his experiences handling top secret documents.

Defending the former president he complained, "We don't know if they rise to the level of being a national security threat, but the fact you have here the attorney general, who is going after President Biden's political rival, whose own personal career was derailed on the way to the Supreme Court by Donald Trump himself."

Continuing in that vein he added, "And unequal application of the law between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and the fact you have the FBI previously submitting in warrants materials that were bogus, that were politically motivated that targeted Donald Trump."

"Attorney General Garland needs to provide these materials," he continued. "You have bipartisan calls to do that. Put the materials in a room, let us see them and we can tell you what our answer is what our discernment is of whether or not this is a true national security threat or whether or not this is an abuse of discretion by Attorney General Garland."

"Do you take home documents marked special access?" CNN's Keilar cut in.

After a pause, Turner offered up a curt, "No."

Watch below:

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