Trump flips out on FBI after return to Mar-a-Lago: 'Didn't even take off their shoes in my bedroom!'
Donald Trump speaking with supporters at a campaign rally at Fountain Park in Fountain Hills, Arizona (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Former President Donald Trump on Monday morning posted an angry rant about the FBI searching his Mar-a-Lago resort -- and he accused FBI agents of leaving his bedroom dirty by not taking off their shoes.

Writing on his Truth Social platform, the twice-impeached former president accused the FBI of conducting a lawless, unconstitutional search of his home, despite the fact that the FBI was executing a lawful search warrant that was authorized by a judge.

"Arrived in Florida last night and had a long and detailed chance to check out the scene of yet another government “crime,” the FBI’s Raid and Break-In of my home, Mar-a-Lago," Trump wrote. "I guess they don’t think there is a Fourth Amendment anymore, and to them, there isn’t."

In reality, the Fourth Amendment only protects against unlawful search and seizure, not search and seizure that is conducted after obtaining a lawful warrant.

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Trump then went on to criticize the FBI for purportedly leaving a mess in the wake of its search.

"In any event, after what they have done, the place will never be the same," he wrote. "It was 'ransacked,' and in far different condition than the way I left it. Many Agents - And they didn’t even take off their shoes in my bedroom. Nice!!!"

The FBI searched Mar-a-Lago last month to retrieve several top-secret government documents that Trump had stashed away despite being earlier served a subpoena to turn them all over.

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