Trump says he's going to Mar-a-Lago to survey the damage of 'ransacking' himself — 5 weeks later
Donald Trump golfing at Trump International Golf Club West Palm Beach (Twitter)

Former President Donald Trump raged on his social media site that he'll be returning to his Palm Beach country club to survey the scene of the search warrant executed to gather documents he stole from the White House.

Trump made the statement with a sense of urgency and dramatic tone, claiming he had to see "the unnecessary ransacking of rooms and other areas of the house."

The moment comes five weeks after the search on Aug. 8, leaving questions about why Trump is only now seeing the pressing need. Trump spent two weeks going back and forth between his New York City condo and his New Jersey golf club. He then spent another week at his club in Virginia, where he drove around the course in the drizzle.

It was two weeks after the search was executed and the documents had been sifted by the Justice Department that Trump's team was able to cobble together a legal complaint. To be fair, there was also a delayed reaction on Trump delivering the documents. The National Archives has been asking him to turn things back over after 18 months. His White House counsel revealed to the NARA that Trump shouldn't have them.

The NARA catalogs everything from a presidency and then presidents can access their documents after that for up to 12 years. The National Archives sources also suggested to the DOJ that documents were still at Mar-a-Lago, leading the House Oversight Committee to ask the DOJ whether this was true.

It has since been revealed that Trump not only stole documents but he also stole a number of classified documents, including those that detail the nuclear capabilities of another country.