'Every RINO must go!': Trump melts down on Georgia lawmakers and their 'puppet master' Mitch McConnell
Nicholas Kamm/AFP

While the rest of the world is focused on the invasion of Ukraine by Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, former president Donald Trump bizarrely jumped into the fight in Georgia where the wealthy enclave of Buckhead failed to gain independence from Atlanta for the moment.

This, for some reason, set Trump -- who now lives in Florida -- off and he lashed out at Republicans in the state as RINO's.

Banned by Twitter still, he issued a statement through his spokesperson stating, "What is happening in the City of Atlanta is nothing short of disgraceful. It’s national news and a regional embarrassment. The good people of Buckhead don’t want to be a part of defunding the police and the high crime that’s plaguing their communities."

He added, "However, RINOs like Governor Brian Kemp, the man responsible, along with his puppet master Mitch McConnell, for the loss of two Senate Seats and 2020 Presidential Vote, Lt. Governor Jeff Duncan, Speaker David Ralston, and State Senators Butch Miller, Jeff Mullis, and John Albers always talk a big game but they don’t deliver."

He then issued a clarion call, writing, "What good is having Republican leaders if they are unwilling to fight for what they campaigned on? Every RINO must go! Let the voters decide on the very popular City of Buckhead proposal!”

You can see his statement below:

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