'We'll lose that seat': Conservative radio host begs Trump not to endorse accused sex blackmailer for Senate
Missouri Republican Governor Eric Greitens, firing an AR-style carbine in a campaign ad.

On Wednesday, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that conservative talk radio host Hugh Hewitt is privately begging former President Donald Trump not to endorse disgraced ex-Gov. Eric Grietens for the open Missouri Senate race.

"Please don’t endorse Eric Greitens. That’s a nightmare, Mr. President. We’ll lose that seat," Hewitt told Trump, who was reluctant to make a commitment either way.

"Well, that’s an interesting opinion, that’s true," Trump said. "He’s right now leading by quite a bit."

"I know, but he will lose the seat," Hewitt implored him. "We will lose the seat."

"I understand that," Trump replied. "OK, some people feel that."

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Greitens, a former ally of Mike Pence, was forced to resign as governor of Missouri after a story emerged about him blackmailing his hairdresser with sexually explicit photos, and possibly sexually assaulting her. He was also accused of computer crimes for illegally tampering with a list of donors for a veterans' charity he founded. He has denied all of these allegations and claimed that they are political hit jobs.

Greitens also faces fresh allegations that he illegally diverted money from his defunct gubernatorial campaign to his Senate campaign.

Missouri is facing a crowded Republican primary for its Senate race, including state Attorney General Eric Schmitt and Mark McCloskey, a personal injury lawyer who was prosecuted, and pardoned, for brandishing a firearm at Black Lives Matter protesters.