Trump killed his blog because he was so upset no one was reading it: Bulwark editor Charlie Sykes
Conservative political commentator and long-time Milwaukee radio host Charlie Sykes.

Raw Story broke the news that former President Donald Trump killed his blog Tuesday night without much of an announcement. It was just 29 days that the ex-president's rantings and ravings existed on his "From the Desk of Donald Trump" page on the website. Bulwark editor-in-chief Charlie Sykes thinks it's because he couldn't handle the lack of interest in the page.

Speaking to MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace on Wednesday, Sykes ridiculed the decision, tying it to Trump's insecurity.

"Could I mention the contrast of what you talk about -- having a moment of contrast today where you have the successes of the Biden administration where the economy is coming back, you have the needles in the arms, and down in the Orange Versailles in Mar-a-Lago the president canceled — has just canceled — his blog because apparently, he was so upset that he was mocked because no one was reading it. So. it's a moment."

This comes came after Wallace cited outstanding poll numbers for President Joe Biden and the work he's done to deliver a COVID-19 stimulus, deliver vaccines across the country, reopen the country and rebuild the economy.

"I would say this," Sykes continued. "Despite the good news that you have mentioned, it is still early. There are advantages that Republicans are counting on including, reapportionment and some things that I think that the Democrats need to keep an eye on. There are some challenges coming for the Biden administration. Keeping inflation in check. Whether we're going to see a continued uptick in crime, particularly urban murder rates. I certainly would caution Democrats not to underestimate the impact of the defund the police issue in swing districts."

He agreed with White House chief of staff Ron Klain, who noted that the way that they'll succeed is by showing Americans results.

Wallace warned that it's only possible to succeed from Biden's successes if the GOP isn't "cheating" by rigging the rules against Democrats with the voter suppression bills across the country.

See the video below:

Trump's sad sad blog lasts less than a month