Did Donald Trump finally kill his blog?
Donald Trump. (Screenshot)

President Donald Trump's blog appears to have been shifted away from The Desk of Donald Trump back to news releases. RawStory contacted the Trump office asking if it was an error or if the website was changing things around but hasn't heard back.

The blog crashed on Saturday after he posted an unverified conspiracy theory about the false Arizona "audit." The piece claimed there were "broken seals on boxes, ballots missing, and worse." The site went down, leaving only a message saying, "something has gone wrong and this URL cannot be processed at this time."

It ultimately returned, but now that site has disappeared entirely with no information. All of the messages from Trump continue to be available on the "News" page, but they lack the excerpt of the text and all have the same headlines with different dates:

Clicking on links to Trump's Memorial Day message leads to a page that no longer exists. His commentary about a new Reuters poll also goes nowhere.

The Desk of Donald Trump was part of the social media site that the former president said he was crafting where people could speak freely. There are no comments on the blog, but it has allowed Trump to speak directly to his supporters after he was suspended from most social media sites. The social media share buttons allowed Trump's fans an easy way to share his comments.

The desk appears to have been rerouted to a signup form where people can be alerted to Trump's updates.

After about an hour, the "desk" section, listed at the top of the Trump site in the image above disappeared, leaving no link for the "Desk" at all.

Over the course of the past weeks that the blog has operated, it has slowly decreased in attention and traffic.

A report from the Washington Post last week cited a "staggering" drop in traffic to his blog.

"Trump's biggest attempt yet to recapture America's attention has severely underwhelmed the Internet — and even his own advisers. His 'From the Desk of Donald Trump' blog, which he and his team have promoted heavily in TV interviews and social media posts, has in the last week been shared to Facebook on average fewer than 2,000 times a day," the report said, noting that it was a significant drop-off from last year.

See their traffic graph showing the downturn below: