Watch: Pentagon chief denies Trump's claim he ordered 10,000 troops to secure the Capitol on Jan. 6
Donald Trump at a campaign rally at the Giant Center in 2019. (Evan El-Amin /

The House Select Committee investigating the January 6 attack on the U.S. Congress on Tuesday released another excerpt of testimony they gathered from former officials in Donald Trump's administration.

Speaking to the committee, former acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller said the former president never requested 10,000 National Guard troops to secure the Capitol prior to January 6.

Trump's former chief of staff Mark Meadows claimed during an appearance on Fox News that Trump ordered 10,000 troops to be prepared for violence.

“What we also know is that President Trump wanted to make sure that the people that came, that there was a safe environment for that kind of assembly. And I’ve said that publicly before — the 10,000 National Guard troops that he wanted to make sure that everything was safe and secure," Meadows said last year.

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Trump has also claimed that he had requested 10,000 National Guard troops.

"We said to the Department of Defense, the top person, days before we had the rally … I requested … I definitely gave the number of 10,000 National Guardsmen, I think you should have 10,000 of the National Guard ready," he told Fox News in 2021. "They took that number. From what I understand, they gave it to the people at the Capitol, which is controlled by Pelosi. And I heard they rejected it because they didn’t think it would look good. So, you know, that was a big mistake."

But according to Miller, it was all a lie.

"There was no order" from Trump to have 10,000 troops on the ready for January 6, Miller told the committee.

Watch the video below.