Trump will spend his last days in 'nefarious neglect' of America while trying to enrich himself: Scaramucci
Anthony Scaramucci (CNN)

On CNN Tuesday, outgoing President Donald Trump's former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci outlined how he believes the president will spend his final days in office.

"The last two weeks of the administration, there will be a series of ridiculous pardons, and a series of nefarious neglect, and activities related to setting President Trump and his family for the post-presidency, and some of it will be related to fundraising and some will be pardons with those pardons being tied to something in the future," said Scaramucci. "It is terrible."

"We're going have to protect ourselves going forward," continued Scaramucci. "If we get somebody like this, with this moral fiber in the presidency, we'll probably need an amendment on one of those amendments. We've basically rendered the 25th Amendment useless because -- remember now, he has so many acting cabinet members that if they tried to call the quorum and tried to invoke the 25th Amendment, he can dispatch all of the members. We need to look at that as a group of people and refortify the institution of our democracy. That's one of the great things we got out of the Trump administration."

"The last great thing is he's bringing all of us together," he added. "Democrats and Republicans teaming up against him and taking him on related to these two bills. That's a refreshing thing, and hopefully that's a good start for the new incoming Biden administration."

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