Trump's anti-Netanyahu tantrum exposes his 'sick mafia approach' to international relations: CNN panelist

Conservative CNN panelist Mona Charen said on Friday that former President Donald Trump's angry tirade about former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reminded her of a mob boss more than a president.

In an interview published this week, Trump said he was bitterly disappointed that Netanyahu called President Joe Biden to congratulate him on his victory last year.

"F*ck him," Trump said of the former Israeli prime minister.

Charen shredded Trump for acting as though his feelings were more important than maintaining good relations between two allied nations.

"We should be used to this now, but we're still not," she said. "The fact is, for Trump, there is absolutely no understanding of the way international relations work, right? I mean, Netanyahu was leader of another country whose relations with the united states, not trump, are his main concern, right? if trump is no longer the president, he has to have good relationships with the next president."

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Charen likened Trump's behavior to something you'd expect to see in one of the "Godfather" movies.

"For Trump, everything is personal," she explained. "He's like a mafia boss, and it's like you disrespected me and so now you're over. By the way, if Netanyahu grovels and comes back with Trump, then they'll be good again, but it is just this complete disconnect with this man about the way the world works. And he brings his own really sick mafia approach to relationships that ought to be professional and run by international rules."

Watch the video below.

Trump's anti-Netanyahu tantrum exposes his 'sick mafia approach' to international relations