Trump's New Year's Eve 'media availability' was a nothing-burger that no cable news stations carried
Donald and Melania Trump at Mar-a-Lago (Photo by Nicholas Kamm for AFP)

Donald Trump invited the media for a moment he called "media availability" at Mar-a-Lago ahead of the country club's annual New Year's Eve celebration. When the time came, however, Trump spoke for fewer than five minutes and not one of the cable news stations covered it, including allies like Newsmax and Fox.

It was reminiscent of Trump's "big announcement" that ended up being a ploy for his own personal trading cards he was selling for $99.

The video appeared on the front page of the conservative hotspot Rumble. At first, even with the top audio levels, Trump could only narrowly be heard.

He began by wishing the media a "Happy New Year," despite his hate for them. He then asked if there were any questions. He attacked inflation as "destroying our country," and made an inaudible comment about Ukraine and Russia. Reporters asked questions like, "Would you support a national abortion ban," which he refused to answer.

He rambled on about the "disgrace" of the Justice Department and the "weaponizing" of the FBI before he decided to wander into the event. When another asked how the 2024 campaign was going, he claimed it was, "very good," despite not having any events or rallies of his own around the country after his announcement.

New York Times reporter Peter Baker told MSNBC earlier on Saturday that Trump's call for media availability was a desperate cry for attention.

See the video below at the 32-minute mark or at the link here: