Trump trolled after being accused of wearing his pants 'backwards' at North Carolina speech
CSpan screenshot

For fans of Donald Trump, his Saturday night speech in North Carolina was notable as his "coming out party" as he ramps up a possible 2024 presidential bid. For critics of the ex-president it will remain memorable as a night that was filled with speculation that he was wearing his pants backwards during the speech.

On Twitter, commenters immediately began pointing out that Trump's pants appeared to lack a fly, with some speculating that the suit pants might indeed be reversed while others wondered if they were elastic-waist pull-up pants.

You can watch video below and make up your own mind.

As for Trump, he likely won't be pleased with the Twitter comments, a few of which you can read below:

Late Sunday, after Twitter had its fun, Reuters put the matter to rest with a photo showing the ex-presidentt did mange to put his pants on correctly: