Trump's Ohio rage rally speech was a flop with some of his fans -- and MSNBC has the video to prove it
Donald Trump speaks in Ohio/Screenshot

In a closing segment on Monday night, MSNBC host Brian Williams put to rest any thought that Donald Trump's coming-out rally in Ohio -- also known as the start of his "revenge tour" -- was anything near to a rousing success.

Sharing coverage from the New York Times that the former president's speech "fell flat" with attendees, Williams quoted the Times, reading: " Mr. Trump's speech — low-key, digressive and nearly 90 minutes long — fell flat at times with an otherwise adoring audience. Scores of people left early as he bounced from topic to topic — immigration, Israel, Speaker Nancy Pelosi's protective mask. 'Do you miss me?' Mr. Trump asked in one of his biggest applause lines. 'They miss me,' he declared," the MSNBC host then pointed out if you didn't believe what NYT reported, there was video.

"You may say 'sure, what do you expect from the radical leftwing mainstream media?'" the host explained. "And you'd be right except there is video."

After sharing a long clip of Trump fans leaving the Ohio fairgrounds with Trump's voice droning on the background, Williams added, "You can still hear his voice in the background there as the president relitigated his loss in Arizona. As you saw, people's thoughts turned to 'where did we park?'"

Watch below: