Trump finally opens his war chest as he struggles to take down GOP governor Brian Kemp in Georgia
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Donald Trump has amassed a huge $110 million political war chest since leaving office but hasn't been at all generous in sharing much of that bounty with fellow Republicans facing primary and mid-term election battles.

But now Politico is reporting that Trump’s Save America PAC in March transferred $500,000 to a super PAC devoted to defeating Republican Gov. Brian Kemp, whom the former president despises because he refused to aid Trump in overturning Georgia’s 2020 election results. Those close to Trump’s political apparatus told Politico it is an initial cash infusion ahead of the May 24 primary in which Kemp is up against Trump-endorsed former Sen. David Perdue.

"The move underscores the importance — and urgency — of Georgia in Trump’s eyes," Politico writes. "Kemp has a substantial polling lead over Perdue and has far outpaced his rival in fundraising, despite absorbing more than a year of attacks from the former president. Trump recruited Perdue into the primary and nudged out another candidate who threatened to cut into Perdue’s vote. The former president recently held a rally for Perdue, recorded a TV advertisement for him and hosted a fundraiser benefiting his campaign."

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It's not clear if Trump will make similar large-dollar donations to any other GOP candidates looking to defeat his political enemies, such as Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney. Just last week some Republicans had expressed irritation that Trump wasn't sharing any of his campaign cash hoard with his party ahead of the midterm elections.

“President Trump is committed to supporting his endorsed candidates across the nation, but we won’t be telegraphing our efforts to the media,” Trump spokesman Taylor Budowich said in a statement.

Since receiving the donation from Save America PAC on March 25, the anti-Kemp Get Georgia Right super PAC began running a TV ad saying that Kemp “dismissed concerns about voter fraud in the 2020 election.” The ad argued that “if Kemp can’t beat voter fraud, he won’t beat [Democratic candidate] Stacey Abrams” in the November general election.

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