Trump gives emphatic endorsement to authoritarian Orbán for Hungary president
Donald Trump (AFP)

Former President Donald Trump gave a strong endorsement to Hungarian President Viktor Orbán who seeks reelection in his toughest race thus far, according to the BBC.

In a partially all-caps press release, Trump explained that the authoritarian leader is "TOUGH, SMART, AND LOVES HIS COUNTRY."

The move, however, comes as Orbán is distancing himself from Trump ally Vladimir Putin, whose invasion of Ukraine has drawn rebuke across the world.

Foreign Policy reported Monday that Orbán standing with the European Union and issuing his own sanctions against Russia was a unique shift from promoting Orbán's relationship with Putin.

"Now, the Hungarian government is hurriedly pivoting from advertising its relationship with the Kremlin to focusing on state security and the country’s humanitarian response," said Foreign Policy.

"A war in Hungary’s backyard has also poured cold water on some of Orban’s anti-EU rhetoric as voters of Fidesz, his party, see firsthand the value of a collective response to Russian aggression and the security benefits that come with NATO membership," the report also said.

Last month, Orbán invited Trump to Hungary to help him campaign, but Trump never went.

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