Second round of indictments aimed at Trump Org execs expected in the fall: NYT reporter
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There could be multiple rounds of indictments against the Trump Organization and top executives, a Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times journalist explained on Saturday.

Journalist Susanne Craig, who won a Pulitzer for her bombshell 2018 report on Donald Trump's wealth, was interviewed by MSNBC anchor Alex Witt.

"Some new signs this weekend that Donald Trump's business could be facing great legal jeopardy," Witt reported. "Multiple people familiar with the matter tell NBC News the Trump Organization could be hit with criminal charges by the Manhattan District Attorney as soon as next week. This would be against the company, not Mr. Trump himself. In a statement, a lawyer for the company said, 'the corporate office will plead not guilty and we will make an immediate motion to dismiss the case.'"

"I'm curious, what this could mean for [Trump Org CFO Allen] Weisselberg?"

"It could mean a lot both for Weisselberg and the Trump Organization," Craig replied.

"If you start with Allen Weisselberg, he has been an individual that the Manhattan D.A. has been hoping to get to cooperate and that hasn't happened. Charges up the ante on that," she explained.

"That could still happen, there could get cooperation from him with a reduced charge or additional charges layered onto this. I think you will see superseding or subsequent charges in summer, both against Allen Weisselberg and the Trump Organization and others," Craig predicted. "But for the Trump Organization, this is very serious, criminal charges are — could be crippling to a firm."

"I mean, I can't imagine we are not going to see additional charges and additional issues come up all summer leading towards something big in the fall," Craig said.


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