Trump went on a pardon spree because he's jealous of seeing Biden 'being relevant every day': report

President Donald Trump unleashed a spree of pardons of convicted war criminals and corrupt Republican politicians on Tuesday night, and some of the president's advisers are telling Axios that he did it in part to get attention.

According to the publication's sources, the president is upset when he turns on the television and "sees [President-elect Joe] Biden being relevant every day" by rolling out cabinet picks and holding briefings on the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Trump's pardons of disgraced former Reps. Chris Collins (R-NY) and Duncan Hunter (R-CA) have been widely criticized, as both men were brought down after pleading guilty to corruption charges.

Investigators caught Collins red-handed committing insider trading, while Hunter copped to illegally misusing his campaign war chest to fund his lavish lifestyle.

However, the two men were also the first two Republicans in Congress to endorse Trump's presidential bid in 2016 and the president openly complained about the Department of Justice indicting them.