Trump has turned the 'sleaze factor up to 11' with pardon of 'scum' associated with him: Morning Joe
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MSNBC's "Morning Joe" co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski rained hell on Donald Trump for his two days of presidential pardons that culminated late Wednesday with wiping the slate clean for former campaign manager Paul Manafort, advisor Roger Stone and Charles Kushner -- the father-in-law of his daughter Ivanka.

According to host Scarborough, they joined the other "scum and murderers" associated with the president who are being rewarded for their support.

Reacting to the latest pardon announcement, the MSNBC hosts expressed extreme disgust.

"Remember explaining to Rob Reiner his amp, turned it up to 11?" Scarborough began, referencing the film Spinal Tap, "And the Trump administration? You didn't think it was possible, but they turned the sleaze up to 11. Pardoning like the sleaziest gang of just -- just scum. Just -- just political scum and this is what the Republican Party now is. This is what the Republican Party has enabled, what every Republican senator -- it has all led to this. They are all responsible, every last one of them, except for [Sen.] Mitt Romney (R-UT), who voted to impeach the president of the United States."

"And all of their silence through all of the years," he continued. "This is just the scum -- they're the vile political creatures who lied over and over again to the FBI, committed one crime after another. but what do they have in common? They have in common that at critical moments in the Mueller investigation, they were all floated a pardon by this president. All bribed by the president of the United States, to keep quiet."

The MSNBC host continued on, calling the president "sleaziest president in American history" and mentioned he also pardoned "murderers" in reference to the pardon of four Blackwater mercenaries who were convicted of slaughtering Iraqi civilians.

You can watch below:

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