Trump got rejected by Parler after he demanded a ban of his critics: report
President Donald Trump. (AFP Photo/MANDEL NGAN)

In yet another excerpt from Michael Wolff's third book on Donald Trump's administration, Business Insider is reporting that the former president's negotiations to become a contributor to the Parler social media platform broke down over censorship.

Specifically, a demand that Trump's critics be banned.

According to Wolff, representatives for the former president -- who has been banned from Twitter and Facebook -- made a pitch for him to join Parler in return for a significant portion of the site's revenue. However, the insistence that critics of Trump be banned led to the deal falling apart.

"They had floated a proposition that Trump, after he left office, become an active member of Parler, moving much of his social-media activity there from Twitter," Wolff wrote, adding that the former president was asking for 40 percent of Parler's gross revenues.

Wolff wrote that another condition of the deal was the conservative-leaning Parler would also ban "anyone who spoke negatively about him,"

"Parler was balking only at this last condition," the author stated.

Business Insider also reported, "Trump considered joining Parler under the pseudonym 'Person X,' its former CEO, John Matze, said in a court filing in January. Matze, ousted as CEO earlier this year, said that Amazon Web Services (AWS) knew about these plans while it hosted Parler. It terminated its contract with Parler — essentially knocking the site offline — to prevent Trump from having any social media presence, Matze claimed."

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