Mike Pence is wise to skip CPAC after Trump supporters tried to 'kill' him during Capitol riot: MSNBC host
Mike Pence appears at Washington Post event (screen grab)

Appearing with MSNBC colleague Alex Witt, Peacock TV host Mehdi Hasan -- likely with tongue firmly planted in cheek -- said former Vice President Mike Pence made a good decision to skip CPAC this year, where he would appear with conference closing speaker Donald Trump, considering how his life was put in danger on Jan 6th by the president.

With Trump leaving his Mar-a-Lago resort to appear at the annual conservative conference that was moved to Florida this year, Pence reportedly turned down a speakers' spot before what is expected to be a very pro-Trump crowd.

Asked by Witt for comment about Pence's demurral, Hasan explained, "I'm not someone who's normally sympathetic to Mike Pence, but if I was the former vice president, I wouldn't want to be inside a building filled with hardcore Trump supporters given the last time I was in a building with hardcore Trump supporters they were trying to kill me."

That elicited a "Yeah, very sobering, that concept," from Witt.

Watch below:

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