Jan. 6 Committee is reconstructing Trump's final call with Pence -- but is missing one key piece: court records
Donald Trump and Mike Pence (Reuters)

The House Select Committee investigating the January 6th Capitol riots has been working to reconstruct the final phone call former President Donald Trump had with Vice President Mike Pence before the mob breached the Capitol -- but it's missing a key part that only Pence can provide.

As Politico reports, court documents indicate that the committee "has obtained significant details about that call" and "in recent weeks, they’ve learned even more from several high-profile witnesses who were in the Oval Office while Trump berated Pence for refusing to overturn the election."

The issue, however, is that the call was not on speaker, and so none of the people in the room with Trump could hear the former vice president's replies.

As for Pence's aides, they said they were not in the room with him when the call was being made, and he never talked with them about his interactions with Trump during the call.

The committee will likely not subpoena Pence for testimony, reports Politico, but it may ask him to talk with them voluntarily.

Even so, the committee has obtained what Politico describes as a "consistent account" of the call from multiple witnesses who were in attendance.

"Witnesses described the conversation as beginning relatively pleasantly, with Trump embracing the legal advice he was given about Pence’s ability to send the election back to the states," the publication writes. "Although people in the Oval Office couldn’t hear him, Pence had clearly rejected Trump’s entreaties, the person indicated. Witnesses have said listeners in the room were surprised because it was the first time they recalled Pence saying no to Trump. The call deteriorated and Trump grew frustrated."

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