Trump snaps at 'Globalist inspired Wall Street Journal' in meltdown over bad GOP polling numbers
Donald Trump (Photo by Nocholas Kamm for AFP)

Former President Donald Trump kicked off his Saturday morning by snarling at the Wall Street Journal for publishing a poll that shows him beating Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination but also revealed the controversial Republican governor has a better chance of taking on President Joe Biden.

According to the poll, released on Friday, "the poll finds a number of advantages for Mr. DeSantis in the contest. He carries a more positive image than Mr. Trump, with 84% viewing him favorably, compared with 78% who say so of Mr. Trump. Some 41% of GOP primary voters say Mr. DeSantis would have the better chance of beating Mr. Biden, while 31% say Mr. Trump would be the stronger candidate."

That, in turn, led Trump to lash out at the Journal on his struggling Truth Social platform.

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"In the Polls, I am beat (sic) Biden everywhere, by a lot, except in the Globalist inspired Wall Street Journal, one of the worst, and most partisan, media outlets anywhere," he wrote.

He then added, "It was that way with them in 2016, until I beat Crooked Hillary. Now they are using the same Fake Playbook, that I beat Ron DeSanctimonious easily, but Biden is close. All others media outlets have me beating both by a lot. Don’t buy their Bull…. They are FAKE NEWS!!!"