Trump aide forced to personally transport 'enormous' 300-pound painting of him to Mar-a-Lago after GSA refused
Trump-loving artist sues the Smithsonian because it refuses to display his widely mocked presidential mural

A new report in the Washington Post about Donald Trump's chaotic post-White House life reveals a dispute that broke out between a Trump aide and the General Services Administration over a gigantic portrait of the former president.

According to documents obtained by the Post, Trump aide Desiree Thompson Sayle contacted the GSA in April of 2021 and asked for the agency's help in moving what the post describes as an "enormous" portrait of Trump that was six-foot-eight-inches tall and that weighed a hefty 300 pounds.

"I'm sorry to ask," an apologetic Sayle wrote to the GSA. "This is a weird one!"

But the portrait, which had been given to Trump after his presidency ended, was personal property, and the GSA said that it was thus not required to assist in its delivery to Mar-a-Lago.

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In an email sent months later, Sayle revealed she would move the painting from its storage location to Mar-a-Lago using her personal vehicle.

“We are loading the large portrait received after the 21st on a Penske truck to transport to my house so I can put it on my moving van," she said.

The Post's report does not indicate who painted this particular portrait of Trump