Trump seems to throw the Proud Boys under the bus for Capitol riots in new legal filing

In his effort to have a lawsuit accusing him of sparking the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol dismissed, former President Donald Trump is arguing he's not responsible for the violent actions his supporters took, Bloomberg reports.

“Speakers at political rallies do not owe a duty of care to members of Congress or Capitol Police Officers not at the rally,” Trump’s lawyer Jesse Binnall said in the Dec. 24 court filing.

Trump's team argued that his words on Jan. 6 were in line with a president’s right to “take advantage of the bully pulpit.”

"The complaint, which also names right-wing groups like the Proud Boys, alleges many of the defendants 'planned, aided, and actively participated in that attack' and that 'all defendants are responsible for it,'" Bloomberg reports.

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Trump argued in the filing that he “acted responsibly” during the speech, and that he had “simply called for peaceful and patriotic demonstrations.” Trump also denies that he was threatening violence when he said it was “a very dangerous moment in our history” and that people are “not going to stand having this election stolen from them.”

The suit was brought in August by eight Capitol Police officers who claim they were assaulted on Jan. 6.

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