Rudy Giuliani attacks 'fascist' Fox News for not inviting him on: 'They seem frightened of George Soros!'
Rudy Giuliani during a press briefing. (Screenshot)

Former Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani on Monday attacked Fox News for no longer inviting him onto their programs.

While appearing on "Real America's Voice," the former New York mayor said that Fox News was ungrateful to him for the support he'd given them throughout the years, and said it was wrong that he was no longer a regular on the network.

"They forget their friends pretty damn fast!" Giuliani charged. "The thing I resent most is they won't tell me why! I'm not being told why I'm not being allowed on!"

In fact, Fox News reportedly stopped having Giuliani on because his false statements about Dominion Voting Systems were leaving them liable to defamation lawsuits.

Giuliani then speculated that financier George Soros was the reason he is no longer welcome on Fox.

"I know they seem very frightened of George Soros!" he said. "Because I've seen other people interrupted and basically taken off because of George Soros! But it leaves me kind of in a quarndary about why they're playing the fascist game."

Watch the video below.

Bitter Rudy Giuliani attacks 'fascist' Fox News for not inviting him on