These QAnon followers believe Trump is still secretly president — and has been carrying out public executions at the White House

With Donald Trump's departure from the White House and the inauguration of President Joe Biden, the QAnon conspiracy theory — which held Trump had a master plan to deliver America from an all-powerful Satanic shadow government of child-prostituting cannibals — suffered a massive blow. Many adherents realized they had been duped and tried to get on with their lives.

But there remain believers. And their conspiracy theories are as feverish as ever.

On Thursday, NBC News reporter Ben Collins highlighted a new conspiracy theory circulating on Facebook in the remaining QAnon community. According to the narrative, noted Collins, Trump never actually left office, but is still secretly president — and has been carrying out public executions of his "Deep State" enemies on the White House lawn for the past 10 days.

To support this, these believers are circulating an edited image that splices together new post-Capitol attack security fencing with a gallows that is actually from a Kuwaiti execution in 2013. Many of the posters appear gleeful at the idea of Trump's enemies being killed.

QAnon has been a flash point in national political debate over the past few weeks, with particular outrage being directed at Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), an early proponent of the conspiracy theory. She is facing removal from her committee assignments this evening.