Trump supporter claims Space Force will overturn the election — and there are 269,000 sealed indictments

Supporters of Donald Trump are voicing insane conspiracy theories ahead of his Saturday rally in Michigan.

The "opening prayer" for the rally was delivered by a conspiracy theorist who falsely claimed Trump is the "current" president of the United States.

One Trump supporter interviewed by Right Side Broadcasting Network said that the Space Force is part of efforts to return Trump to power in a bizarre QAnon rant caught on camera.

"The election, I believe, was stolen," said a woman with an America flag draped over her shoulders.

"But we know that, Space Force has it all, Trump has all the information, it's going to be overturned," the woman claimed.

"What do you think Space Force has?" the interviewer asked.

"Space Force is a military branch, you know, just like the Army, you know, all the military. And they literally...the night of the election they literally watched the election be stolen. They watermarked the ballots, they know exactly what happened with every ballot," she said. "They know what countries were involved, they followed the money, they know what every every politician that's been paid off."

"There was 260,00 — 269,000 sealed indictments, but I think it might even be up to 500,000 sealed indictments. And I believe that we're going to have an emergency broadcast and the military is going to come in with martial law and we're going to be shown, 8-hours on, 8-hours off, of videos for seven days — the world. And they're going to be showing us taped tribunals, taped confessions, and the world is going to be awakened to what's really going on with the deep state," she claimed.