Trump says Supreme Court has awful poll numbers because they didn’t overturn the 2020 election

Donald Trump complained about the legal system refusing to go along with his efforts to overturn the 2020 election during a Saturday night speech at the Iowa State Fair.

Trump continually pushed his "Big Lie" of election fraud in his speech, even bragging about his refusal to concede that he lost.

"The Justice Department did not want to do anything about it," Trump said of his own administration.

"Likewise, the Supreme Court refused to hear the case by Texas and almost twenty other states and now their approval rating is the lowest it's been in memory," Trump said. "The lowest approval rating in memory."

"I believe it's for the reason that they refused or did not have the courage — they rule against me all the time, all the time, very personal rulings — they did not have the courage to do something about the election, and I believe that's the real reason approval is so low," Trump said.

The crowd went on to chant, "Trump won!"


Donald Trump