Pro-Trump extremists shared maps of Capitol tunnel complex prior to assault: FBI

On Saturday, The Washington Post reported details about how the pro-Trump extremists who invaded the Capitol organized themselves prior to the assault that left five dead.

"When die-hard supporters of President Donald Trump showed up at rally point 'Cowboy' in Louisville on the morning of Jan. 5, they found the shopping mall's parking lot was closed to cars, so they assembled their 50 or so vehicles outside a nearby Kohl's department store," reported Devlin Barrett and Matt Zapotosky. "Hundreds of miles away in Columbia, S.C., at a mall designated rally point 'Rebel,' other Trump supporters gathered to form another caravan to Washington. A similar meetup — dubbed 'Minuteman' — was planned for Springfield, Mass."

The FBI previously claimed not to have advance knowledge of a threat, but previous reporting suggested they were in fact monitoring extremist activity online, and were "alarmed" by it.

"That same day, FBI personnel in Norfolk were increasingly alarmed by the online conversations they were seeing, including warlike talk around the convoys headed to the nation's capital," continued the report. "One map posted online described the rally points, declaring them a 'MAGA Cavalry To Connect Patriot Caravans to StopTheSteal in D.C.' Another map showed the U.S. Congress, indicating tunnels connecting different parts of the complex. The map was headlined, 'CREATE PERIMETER,' according to the FBI report, which was reviewed by The Washington Post."

Trump's impeachment for incitement of insurrection centers on his role in pushing the conspiracy theories that galvanized the Capitol rioters to action.

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