Trump's PAC spent $10M to cover his legal bills
Donald Trump speaks to the press in the James Brady Press Briefing Room. (

According to federal election filings obtained by the New York Times, former President Donald Trump has spent an estimated $10 million directly from his political action committee to cover his own legal fees in 2022.

The same filings show that over $16 million was spent on Trump's legal expenses in both 2021 and 2022, including spending for attorneys who represented witnesses in Trump-related investigations, however $10 million did directly go to legal firms representing the former President's investigations and lawsuits.

The spending represents nearly 20 percent of his Political Action Committee's total expenditures that are not transfers to other political candidates. Many political campaign consultants believe that having his PAC pay legal debts should be limited because Trump is a current candidate for President.

Trump's mounting legal liability and expenses are expected to only go higher amid investigations from the Justice Department and state prosecutors in Georgia and New York.

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In the New York Times article, campaign finance expert Jason Torchinsky said, "Payments by a PAC that exceed the contribution limit are contributions to the candidate and are unlawful," The lawyer continued by stating the limit of individual donations to candidates is set at $3,300 for the current two-year political cycle.

Most of Trump's PAC campaign funds were raised before he actually entered the GOP nomination process in mid-November.

By the end of 2022, Trump's PAC had over $18 million in cash according to federal filings.