Trump will get the cold shoulder from law firms if he is charged with sedition: ex-RNC official
Donald Trump speaking in the White House. (Naresh777 /

On MSNBC Saturday, former Republican Congressional adviser Kurt Bardella demanded legal action against President Donald Trump over his efforts to overturn the election and incite insurrection — and suggested if Trump is held to account, he'll have a hard time finding a lawyer.

"Our justice system is on the line here," said Bardella. "If he is not held accountable for all of the crimes that he has committed over the last four years — heck, we just found out there was another phone call that he made in Georgia trying to undermine the election and commit sedition — if there is not consequences legally, our justice system doesn't mean anything."

"I think Trump is realizing both he's going to have a hard time post-presidency, and what reputable lawyer or law firm is going to work with Donald Trump at this point? What firm is going to work with a known seditionist?" continued Bardella. "I think he's in big legal trouble and that's going to cripple him for the rest of his life."

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