GOP candidates 'in a pickle' after they realize swing voters don't buy Trump's election lies: CNN panelist
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Earlier this week, New Hampshire Republican Senate hopeful Don Bolduc did a complete 180 on his stance on the 2020 election when he told Fox News that he did not believe the election was stolen and that Joe Biden is the legitimate president.

A CNN panel on Friday argued that Bolduc's abrupt reversal showed that Trump's false claims about the 2020 election are a major turnoff to swing voters, despite being catnip for Republican primary voters.

"It's not viable," said Puck News reporter Tata Palmeri of pushing Trump's election lies to the general electorate. "You can't win an election with just the former president's, Donald Trump's, supporters, which is less than half of the primary base. So all of these candidates are in a pickle."

Palmeri also noted that the reversal from Bolduc is particularly striking because it was central to his appeal to GOP voters during the primary.

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"This was the core of his campaign during the primary season, but what he's realized now is, in the general election, this really turns off swing voters, independents," she said. "Even Republicans who are just done with Trump and have this very visceral feeling about election denialism which is January 6th, chaos, violence. And this is a state that Biden won decisively in 2020. So if... Bolduc is going to win, he needs to moderate his tone. We're seeing it across the country... it's because they know that election denying is translated with violence and unrest."

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GOP candidates 'in a pickle' after they realize swing voters don't buy Trump's election lies