'Doomed to fail': Expert explains why Trump supporters won't use former president's new social media app

Former President Donald Trump is reportedly planning to create his own social media platform to take on Facebook and Twitter, but technology journalist Rhiannon Williams of iNews believes that it looks dead on arrival.

At issue is the fact that any social media app that's hoping to gain widespread adoption will have to go through the Apple App Store and Google market for Android apps, which have banned right-wing apps such as Parler after they refused to crack down on violent threats being posted on their networks.

"Given the great amount of interest Mr. Trump's new network is likely to attract, mainstream tech companies will be anxious to be seen to be avoiding a repeat of the Capitol Hill riot, which was organized in plain sight on the mainstream networks," writes Williams. "Consequently, any app or website he creates that relies upon conventional web hosting, server farm, bandwidth provider, potential payment processor or distribution methods will be subject to much stricter regulation than will be acceptable to many of Mr. Trump's supporters."

She notes that Trump is unlikely to have any appetite for policing his supporters' violent rhetoric, especially since Trump himself has explicitly advocated for violence in the past, such as when he encouraged supporters to "knock the crap" out of protesters.

"Trump's network could be doomed to fail before it even gets off the ground," she concludes.