MSNBC host hilariously mocks Trump for starting 1995-style LiveJournal as his new 'social media platform'
White House photo of President Donald Trump speaking on the phone aboard Air Force One en route to a campaign rally.

In a hilarious moment on MSNBC Tuesday evening, host Ari Melber ridiculed President Donald Trump's new "social media platform," that he said is nothing more than a blog from the 1990s.

"Donald Trump, after talking about creating a social media platform, instead of doing that or starting an app or a tech company, instead he's launched a blog," said Melber with a smirk. "It is a section of his website that operates like a WordPress blog. And so, I'm not here to make Donald Trump look ridiculous. Today he's done that all by himself. They didn't need to pretend or lie that they were going to create an app or a tech platform. If they put millions into it, that would have been an interesting thing. What does it tell you that he is going straight BlogSpot, straight LiveJournal, straight back to '95, baby."

Political strategist Chai Komanduri speculated that Trump may have had problems accessing the right technology talent or venture capital to create such a social media platform. Despite campaign support from former PayPal CEO Peter Thiel, Komanduri wondered if Thiel wasn't willing to help out on the social media site.

"But he couldn't put it together. Really what this shows you is how much Donald Trump needed the platform of Twitter, how much of a conservative movement needs access to Facebook to really push their message," said Komanduri, noting that Trump likely became the president because of his power on Twitter.

"That is something he learned when he did the birther conspiracy," Komanduri continued. "He was able to use Twitter to move that conspiracy and get the media to cover it. Now nobody covering anything he has to say. It's just going to be another blog on the internet, uncovered by everybody except for a few people on the right-wing media. It is really very sad and pathetic, but that's kind of where Trump has ended up. He's ended up as just another blogger on the internet, not the most powerful man in what was once the most powerful part of the United States."

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Trump's social media platform is a livejournal